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941. Let's Ponder The Quran{Tafseer As Sa'di}- Be Patient And Among Those Who Remember Allah

942. A Weak Hadith that Spreads in Ramadan - Saleh Al Fawzan


943.Let's Ponder The Quran(Tafseer As Sa'di)-Sura Kahf Ayah 57

944. The Unchained Shaitan of Ramadan Shaykh - Saalih al-Usaymi

945. Let's Ponder The Quran(with Tafseer As Sa'di) Sura 75 Ayat 20-21

946. What Does ‘Hizbiyyah’ Mean and Who are the ‘Hizbis’   -Shaykh Rabee ibn Hadee Al Madkhali

947. Suffice with Little, and Do Not Seek Wealth from the Hizbis - Shaykh Rabee ibn Hadi al-Madkhali

948. REAL FORSAKING the QURAN - Sheikh ibn Baz رحمه الله

949. Glad Tidings That The Jews Will Not Stay In Palestine, As The Hadith Indicates – Shaykh Al-Albani

950. Monkey See,Monkey Do - Abu Khadeejah Abdul Wahid

951. Sign of Allah's Love for His Servant - Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen

952. DON'T Recite Like This... Shaykh Saleh al-Fawzan حفظه الله

953. Let's Ponder The Quran-"Will You Then Deny It(Quran)?

954. SHARE What you LEARNT - SHARING KNOWLEDGE - Sheikh Salih Aal Sheikh حفظه الله

955.Hijrah-Choice,Obligation and A Blessing-Abu Khadeejah Abdul Wahid

956. Hamas Is Not Going To Give Victory To Islaam – Shaykh Muqbil Bin Hadi Al-Waadi’ee

957. Avoid Listening To The Shayateen! - Abu Khadeejah Abdul Wahid

958. THEY DONT WANT THE TRUTH - Sheikh Salih al Fawzan & Ibn Uthaymin رحمهما الله

959. Paying Zakatul Fitr in Money - Explained by Shaykh Bin Baz

960. Saying that the Uncle of the Prophet is a Believer with his Heart - Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan

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